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Thea Kelley
Vocals, Songwriting
Eric Kampman
Keyboards & Vocals, Songwriting
Andy Charmatz
website About, Andy
Gary Hobish
website About, Gary
Matt Kerby
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Luminous Newts is an eclectic pop/rock/prog group based in Berkeley, California. On July 3, 2015 they released their debut album, also called Luminous Newts.

Exposé Online calls the CD “a rich helping of excellent songcraft … pop sensibility with angular ideas that are extremely original and seemingly timeless, with roots crossing several decades, but never sounding particularly retro … One thing for certain, this is quality work that most definitely deserves to be heard.”

Songs range from soaring progressive rock to witty, political blues/pop, and from an Irish jig to hard-edged but poetic rock reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Other influences/comparisons range widely, from Steely Dan to Toy Matinee.

Musically amphibious. Melodically curvaceous. Rhythmically agile. The Newts slide fluidly between genres; they start out as one thing and transform into another.

The group was founded in 2012 by singer-songwriters Eric Kampman, whose 20 years of keyboard experience spans multiple prog, rock and pop groups, and Thea Kelley, whose vocal history includes three years in renowned a capella group Kitka. They’ve been joined by versatile prog guitarist Andy Charmatz, bassist Gary Hobish (also of True Margrit and Shine Delirious) and nuanced, right-in-the-pocket drummer Matt Kerby.

The Newts have performed at numerous Bay Area venues (The Starry Plough, Hotel Utah, The Quarter Note, Vinnie’s and many more) as well as street events.

While their music may be slippery, the Newts aren’t, and can be contacted here: info@luminousnewts.com.