Welcome to our original music, which ranges from prog (progressive rock) to “adult alternative” and melodic rock, and dives into some unexpected places in between.

On September 6, 2018 we released our second album, Songs from a Local Universe on CD Baby, Amazon, Spotify, iTunes and all over the web. Our previous album, Luminous Newts, debuted in 2015.

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Lyrics - Up and Out

Up and Out

© Eric Kampman and Thea Kelley

Up and out now, they said, up and out

so we up and went now we’re up and gone

like a dandelion seed that drifts way up high like a prayer wheel that spins its gifts to the sky

Where I came from I was past my prime, into this and that, out of time

on the road one fine day turned a corner, flew away so they tell me – I can’t say – I was gone


released 03 July 2015

Thea Kelley – vocals Eric Kampman – vocals and keyboards Alan Novidor – bass Charles Waltmire – drums Dean Kattari – guitar

Lyrics - St. Patrick and the Snakes

St. Patrick and the Snakes

© Thea Kelley

for goodness sakes, Ireland has no snakes because St. Patrick chased them into the lakes the serpent offered an apple but St. Paddy raised the stakes the saint he won and now it’s done let’s give the snakes a wake

go snakes, slithering hither and yon go snakes, traveling, traveling on go snakes, going and going and gone Saint Patrick threw you in, and I hope you learned to swim

Ireland now need never bow to the king snake, nor tell no tales of slithering scales that keep us all awake the adder’s been subtracted and the garter’s on the leg and the only dreaded cottonmouth is filling a cup at the keg

go, snakes…

Brenda’s got a boa but it’s just a feathered fling Una’s Ourobouros is a glossy golden ring Tara’s got a tattoo of a flying snake so fine and Tim’s got one in his trousers but it’s no concern of mine

go, snakes…

they say that snakes were sacred long before St. Paddy’s birth bringing up the wily wisdom from deepest darkest earth they gleam and glide in glory they’re gorgeous and they’re good but not inside your sleeping bag when you wake up in the woods

go, snakes…


released 8 March 2015

Thea Kelley – vocals Eric Kampman – keyboards and vocals Alan Novidor – bass Charles Waltmire – drums Dean Kattari – guitar