Luminous Newts is an eclectic prog-pop/rock band based in Berkeley, California.

People have said we sound a bit like: Toy Matinee, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, “kind of a progged-out Blondie” . . .  Pretty wide range, huh?

Our second album, Songs from a Local Universe, was released digitally on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. on September 6, 2018. Songs from a Local Universe dives further into our unique musical world, with diverse songs about spiritual purpose, LSD, the terrors of 21st century life and the mating habits of certain very cute little animals. Female vocals halfway between Sandy Denny and Chrissie Hynde couple with nuanced instrumental performances to hatch a sound as agile and curvaceous as a newt, and almost as slippery.

More information:  Songs from a Local Universe, Fact Sheet


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Praise for our eponymous 2015 debut album, Luminous Newts:

“A rich helping of excellent songcraft … ideas that are extremely original and seemingly timeless … quality work that most definitely deserves to be heard.”

Exposé Online

Sea of Tranquility

“Luminous Newts sounds better to me each time I hear it. That’s the sign of a powerful piece of art.”

Sea of Tranquility

“The interesting work of this American group, located at the edges of the art rock genre, certainly has a good chance of finding many fans.”

Artur Chachlowski, Radio MLWZ, Poland – translated from:

“Good rock and roll, sung from the bottom of the soul…love this stuff!!!”

Dennis Bernstein, KPFA/Pacifica Radio, Berkeley, CA

“What a debut it is! … very enjoyable … influenced by big prog bands like Pink Floyd and Genesis, but they do not sound like a ‘typical’ old fashioned prog band at all … this album is great … I would love to see them perform live.”

Background Magazine

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