Newts Win “Best Recording” & “Best Web Presence” Awards from Bands4Bands

Luminous Newts were the winners of two awards from Bands4Bands at its annual awards ceremony on Friday, June 8 in San Leandro, California:

  • BEST RECORDING, for our album Luminous Newts, produced by Thea Kelley and Eric Kampman, with a little help from our friends Alan Novidor, Charles Waltmire, Dean Kattari, Alex Cory and Miles Boisen.
  • BEST WEB PRESENCE, for which special thanks are due to Jojo Razor for her design skills and to Thea for doing all the gruntwork.

Bands4Bands is a nonprofit organization of about 50 Bay Area rock groups. Luminous Newts has been active in the organization for a little over a year.

B4B Awards, accepting Best Recording 1

B4B Awards Best Recording 3